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At the Mention of His Name, the Demons Run and Flee

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

I love how the Lord will speak volumes to us through, just, living regular life. I live in rural America, population just over 500 souls. Although, there are some drawbacks to small town living, I love my hometown. On the edge of the northeast side of town, where I live, there is a patch of woods. It is not a regular sight, but I am not surprised if I see an occasional deer wander through the streets of my neighborhood.

I have 2 dogs, Pixie and Poppie, and they love their morning walks. A few days ago, the weather was finally warm enough for us to go farther than usual. I sometimes get a little anxious to go too far because my little town sometimes has a stray dog problem. As we walked, I began to pray over my little town.

We were four blocks away from home, entering into “downtown”, when my little dogs began barking ferociously. Sure enough, there was a big dog one block away from us. Now, I’m trying not to be dramatic, but I promise you, as I took a closer look, this beast looked like a COYOTE! And as I stare at this creature, it stares right back. Oh my…

So, my dogs are going crazy, tangling me up with their leashes and as I try to calm them down, I hear, in my spirit, SING!

I didn’t even question it. “BLESS THE LORD, O MY SOUL! O MY SOUL! WORSHIP HIS HOLY NAME! SING LIKE NEVER BEFORE! O MY SOUL! I WORSHIP YOUR HOLY NAME!* Over and over because that was all that my brain was able to remember of the song.

Then SNAP! Just like that, that animal turned tail and ran away. I could almost make out his tail tucked between his legs.


The thought crossed my mind: at the mention of His Name, the hounds of hell turn tail and run!


Days later, my mind dwells on that episode. Because I have been asking the Lord some questions about singing and worshipping Him, I believe He is starting to give me some answers. I believe He is showing me what happens in the spiritual realm when we worship and sing praises to the Lord: the demons run and flee.

I was reminded of the story in Luke, chapter 10, where Jesus sends out seventy-two, in pairs of two, to every place He was about to go. Verse 17 says, “The seventy-two returned with joy and said, “Lord, even the demons submit to us in Your name.” WOW!

There is power in the name of Jesus. In this instance, I wasn’t directed to pray. I wasn’t directed to speak His Word to this creature. The Lord knew I was a little afraid and knew that my mind would not be able to ‘trample on snakes and scorpions’ amidst the chaotic behavior of my fur-babies. I reverted to the worshipper that I am. SING.

The very atmosphere around you will shift as you turn your voice and heart to the Lord.

*lyrics to 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman

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